Tuesday, May 19, 2015


(music: Without You - Lana Del Rey)

Last Monday, I turned 25. My family went to have dinner at Aquamarine, in Marina Mandarin.

After a few rounds, Lyssa and I had gotten a laughing bug, so when we went to get dessert, we were doubling up in laughter at the counter over the silliest things ("what is this gravy? look at the ladle!"). When we were leaving, the entire family was in on the laughing gas, maybe it was something in the food.

We were in an elevator with a Caucasian man, and Arina asked "what does 'tap your access card here' mean"? I ironically said "it means 'tap your access card there'" just before the man did it, and we all took a split second eyeing each other before bursting into laughter.

Lyssa was laughing so hard she inadvertently farted as she stepped out the lift doors, and the man probably thought we were all crazy. Which we kinda are, sometimes.

That day, I received many sweet messages, some of which are on @screenshotsociety on Instagram. I'm too lazy to transfer everything over. Also, it's quite a good and quick avenue to just look through all my screenshots on that account, since I love screenshotting everything.

Friday was Han's birthday, so we went to celebrate it. We had dinner at Seoul Garden Hotpot, and then desserts at Robert Timm's.

Robert Timm's has really good desserts! I liked all the three that we had!

We presented Han with the ukulele that she wanted. There are not many photos of that night, because Han is rather the opposite of me, she doesn't like the spotlight on her, not even on her birthday. I guess we really are each other's perfect foils. She says she prefers having joint celebrations for our birthdays, so I can take all the attention away. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On Saturday, I went for Shereen's surprise birthday dinner at Timbre @ The Arts House. The food was good, the company was good, and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. The party was organised by her boyfriend Sunny and sister Preesha, and it was very successfully executed.

I asked them for the story of how Sunny and Shereen got together, and Sunny was telling it, while Shereen kept saying "you're doing it wrong!" and adding her own details, at which Sunny would roll his eyes and say "now she's telling her life story" it was adorable!

Shereen's brother Vimal was also there, and I've always thought those three siblings had such good genes. All of Shereen's attractiveness is also present in Vimal, so while he was making his round talking to everybody, I tried to "discreetly" admire his long, thick eyelashes, his eloquent speech.

He was talking about work. He's a headhunter and he said how much he enjoyed his job because he gets exposed to all the different industries and learning about them. He was saying how, although he had to sacrifice his time now, he thinks it'll all pay off.

There is nothing more attractive than a man who loves what he does in life, and the recognition that it's a combination of some sheer luck and their own determination. It is just so appealing, because if you love what you do, you're passionate about it, and that passion is almost palpable.

...Yeah, I've always had this minor crush on him. I kinda know another man who loves what he does in life, though (and rightly so, because to me, he has the best life), so yeah. I will stop creeping on Shereen's brother. ;P

Shereen and I hadn't caught up since the frenzy before Ed Sheeran's concert. So, during her birthday dinner, she told me about how she just had to let me have her ticket and go, when I couldn't get my own. She said she was already starting to have other good things happening for her (meaning Sunny), so she wanted to see me happy, too.

How brilliant is this woman. I got to watch Ed live thanks to Shereen. I LOVE HER.

On Sunday, I had my birthday picnic. It was held at Hort Park and the theme was pink. While Pamela was looking for us, she thought another group was our party, because apparently someone else was having a pink-themed party and all the attendees were dressed in pink too? Whaaat? *huffs*

We tried to take nice photos of the food (by which I mean I kinda made Huda do it for me ;/) but the food wasn't being very photographable. I liked what everyone made and brought, though, especially Pamela's corn and pasta salad with truffle dressing.

I don't usually like truffle but for some reason, the proportion of truffle in her salad was just right, I loved tasting it in the midst of everything else. I think that's the best thing, when you like something that's usually not to your taste, it's such a pleasant surprise.

There was some of the salad left over, and I kept popping into the kitchen to eat it right out of the fridge in the evening and the morning after.

The Yankee candle above was one of my gifts from Han, Sha and Tiqs. I love the scent. We lit it up because we thought it fit the setting very well.

Sha baked chocolate raspberry cupcakes, mmm!

Timothy brought sushi, my favourite. Reen brought Lao Ban, also my favourite. Basically it was a case of my favourite people bringing all my favourite things, while dressed in my favourite colour, so I was really very, very pleased.

I finally have pictorial evidence of my resting bitch face! See, I didn't know this photo was being taken, and I'm pretty sure I didn't have any bitchy thoughts or any grievance that day, I was literally happy the whole time.

And yet, this expression exists. I look like I'm thinking bitchy things when I'm actually not! Oh no. I'm really not judgmental, guize, if I have bitchy thoughts, I will say them out loud, I promise. -.-

Things that could be perceived as dirty/sexual kept being said by people without them realising it, so Huda and I kept smirking at each other and laughing suggestively. Now all of them know how insanely dirty Huda's and my brain (drains) are, hehhehheh.

We played charades, in which Timothy, along with being the only male there (he's my guy best friend!) scored only 1 point, and everybody's benchmark was just to beat him.

We hummed Hey There Delilah for Han, and she was humming along with us but she couldn't recall the title, at which point she muttered "ergh! fuck this shit!" hehehehe. I wouldn't have done it in Pearlyn's presence, usually, she doesn't allow myself and Andrea to swear. I'm a chameleon, I adapt to my surroundings. I think we're all chameleons?

Derp face Sarah. I cannot wait for my braces to be offfffff.

Reen was being so adorable the entire time. When she arrived, she put on her sun hat, and took out her own canned green tea from her bag!!!! It was like a Doraemon pocket, she brought her own drinks??? ;P

Shahida is the best person to play charades with, she's hilarious. She always feels so confident about all her guesses, which are usually off the mark by just a bit! "OH! Oh I know! Um... Sneaky Cauldron!" .....My best friend, everybody.

Elijah Wood. :)

I told Dan he reminds me of Elijah Wood, and he also is an LOTR geek (he likes Star Wars and LOTR and all things geeky and the Harry Potter universe but apparently not the books, because "the writing was too simple and precious for my liking" I want to punch his face --- you can't like a universe without the writing! It was the writing that CREATED the universe, you stupid geeklitist).

But anyway, let us move on with the diversity of Pamela's expressions of bewilderment hehehe.

Atiqah was so cute, I said on the event page that if they weren't bringing food, then they could bring games. She took a photo of her iPad games and sent it to us. I found it so adorable!!!

It's peekture time!

Pamela using the wide Instax to take a photo of us. Everybody was scared of using the wide Instax because the framing was so hard to get right, there was just too much more space on either side than usual.

Derp face all day errday.

They randomly burst into a birthday song for me, with no cake nor any climax, but I loved it. I loved how random it was, and I don't even really fancy cake. Next year onwards, we should just do songs. Heh.

This was right after Pamela had taken an Instax of Atiqah and Shahida, with the top of their heads slightly cropped off. We all tried to convince ourselves it was an intentional artistic shot. HEHEHE.

Will the dresses and (in my case) wedges stop us from doing jump shots? No. Let it be known that nothing will stop us from doing jump shots.

We had a visitor in the form of a tiny, tiny snail! I liked it because I think snails are cute. Isn't that adorable?! I had something I like as a surprise guest. :D

Lyssa arrived later than the rest, after some of them had already left, but I was still glad she joined us, anyway.

Thank you, all my favourite people. ♥

I showed Dan the photos of us/the picnic.

It's a bit of a pity he missed it by one weekend, but it's okay, all things in good time. He'll be back in town so very, very soon! I can't wait! I really wanna watch Pitch Perfect 2, but I'm only waiting 'cos of him, he loved the first one too, and we're gonna be derps together! And crush on Anna Kendrick together! t minus a few days!!!!

It's present time!

First.... My workplace/colleagues got me a Taylor Swift book (!!!!!) and a map of Bangkok to facilitate my trip there at the end of May! :D



I love practical gifts! \o/ (also: anything to do with Taylor Swift, hehehe)

My grandma got me a gold clutch. I loved the way she presented it to me, one week before my actual birthday: "Kak, this for you. Happy birthday" in her ever-bashful way, oh I love my Nyai!!!!

When we got home from the buffet last week, my sisters gave me the cutest handmade cards, aiyo so sweet!

Pamela got me YSL lipstick. Oh my God, these people are really the best at knowing my favourites, I LOVE LIPSTICK. I think y'all know. I'm very big on lipsticks. Any stick actually. Hurhurhur.

These are from my best girls.

Love the scent!

They got me a legit authentic Pusheen! I only say this because I have a big one, but it's a knockoff hahaha.

Mama Pusheen and baby Pusheen! OMG SO QT HOW.

I uploaded this then got too lazy to rotate and reupload it. Sorry not sorry.

Keep moving forward, indeed. :)

They got this for me, and I already guessed at Han's dinner, 'cos she got a set of her own colours and she said something that made me suspect, hahahah. Tiqs and Sha usually have to do this thing where they text to ask either of us when they're shopping for both of us, so we both recognise if we get the same thing.

HAHAH I love our dynamics. Silly girls.

Rainbow earstuds.

I was ecstatic to receive these next ones....

Victoria's Secret panties! Love these! They're sexy and playful and cheeky at once! LOVE!


For my future travels, they got me a travelling pack, with grey/pink (best combo ever) inflatable neck pillow, pouch, sleeping eye mask, and pink ear plugs. I LOVE PRACTICAL/THOUGHTFUL GIFTS. LOVE!

Hazwani got me a great spacious red bag (now if only I had time to use it to the beach), which I have matching shoes for! And a mustard yellow bow, which I have the perfect outfit to wear with. I always coordinate my outfits way before I ever wear them together. People sometimes ask if I got all the items together, but I never do. I'm a curator of... outfits.

I love hair bows that match my dresses. Actually what do I not love? ;P

Reen's random baked goods (sometimes she bakes them, other times she buys them and just gives them to people when we meet ---- very endearing)

She got me a mockingjay bracelet. I was saying at the picnic that I had it already but she said it's different 'cos she knows I have the pendant, so she got me the bracelet. THE PEOPLE I LOVE ARE SO SMART AND BRILLIANT.

It also kinda matches my Snitch bracelet, one of my favourite-ever gifts, from Huda in '12.

She got me cute socks because she knows I've been wearing shoes/sneakers very often (my self-birthday-gifts were sneakers). See above comment on: SMART AND BRILLIANT. People being thoughtful with gifts makes me so happy.

She also got me headphones which are perfect because... wait for it...

They fit in my travelling pouch!?!?!

In comparison, my own Sony headphones are way too big and bulky to fit.

My birthday card from Reen lights up and plays the tune HAHAHAHAHAH BEST.

It's Instax time!

Inspired by Taylor's 1989 Polaroids with Sharpied captions, I made my own. Because: if you can't be Taylor, you can at least pretend to be, and let everyone else indulge you on it.

Alamak can see in this photo, actually I never use Sharpie, I use Zebra marker. Give chan a bit ah. #faker

Thank you, to my family, for treating me so well. Thank you, for loving me even through my crankiness and second-guessing everything and self-pitying moments. Thank you for letting me love you all, in my flawed ways of expressing my love more for one than the other, for not reciprocating my attention equally although I do love you all so so much. Thank you for your words pulling me out of my dark times, thank you for letting me call to ramble about boys, and sending you screenshots. Thank you for taking photos voluntarily, thank you for doing so many things for me. Thank you for being by my side, thank you for being happy when I'm happy.

Thank you Hanisah, Shahida, Atiqah, Pearlyn, Cuifen, Timothy, Pamela, Reen, Lyssa, Huda, Hazwani, for showing up and doing your best to make me happy. Thank you also, to all the ones who couldn't make it, I felt your love too.

I've had a brilliant time turning 25, and all of it means nothing if I didn't have you all. :) ♥

If my mum can ninja her way around my Tweets to find out about Dan (he's smart --- might be the most intelligent man I know, and you Know that's saying something because I know very intelligent people --- sweet, funny, kind, understanding and so accepting of everything), you can, too, if you'd like. I like him a lot, and he seems to like me too.

He's an atheist, though, but that's not a problem that God can't solve. HAHAHAHA. ;P

So Much Love, from Sarah Mei Lyana.