Wednesday, August 26, 2015



Kentucky Fried Chicken Management Pte Ltd is the leading quick-service restaurant chain in the chicken category in Singapore. KFC is renowned for serving its customers delicious, complete family meals at affordable prices. The first KFC restaurant in Singapore was opened in 1977, and there are now 87 restaurants island-wide.

KFC a.m. was introduced in November 2007 and is now served at 68 of its restaurants. The company also provides KFC Delivery as part of its commitment to meet the needs of consumers. There are over 11,000 KFC restaurants in more than 80 countries and territories around the world, serving some eight million customers each day. KFC is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., headquartered in the United States of America.

KFC is currently having a battle of the Wings! Japanese versus Korean!

You can choose to get the wings a la carte, at $4.90 for 4 pieces.

Japanese Umadare wings, tangy and savoury

Korean Yang Yeum wings, sweet and slightly spicy

Or, you can choose to have the set meal, which incorporates...

Umadare wings rice bento set

Yang Yeum wings rice bento set

The respective flavours of wings in a rice bento, as well as a 7-Up Lemon Mint, for $6.90.

I tried the portions of Umadare as well as Yang Yeum wings, and I must say, they are both yummy and it was a really tough fight. ;)

I lean towards the Korean-inspired Yang Yeum wings, though. I think my Malay tastebuds are so addicted to spicy food, that I enjoy that little kick I got from the Yang Yeum wings! #KFCmashisoyo!

The Japanese ones are also delicious, though, I have to give it that. That little lemony tang, it's refreshing and keeps the wings feeling light and snackish.

If you have an Instagram, post a picture or video of yourself after trying the KFC Wings, then hashtag #kfcoishii or #kfcmashisoyo, depending on which flavour is your favourite. (If you love chicken, I can guarantee you it will be a hard choice to make.) One lucky winner will be chosen from the ‘winning flavour’ to win a prize!

This may sound lame, but I honestly felt the Yang Yeum wings are YEUMMY! ;)

Saturday, August 22, 2015


(music: Clean - Taylor Swift)

gone was any trace of you
I think I am finally clean

I've watched a few different renditions of Taylor's speech before performing Clean on her 1989 tour, and no matter what her words are, she always manages to move something in me. I think like 1989 is the album of my 2015, Clean has been the feature soundtrack of this year.

When I hear/watch this and the song live in November, I think I may bawl.

I wanna link the actual song to those who have not yet heard it, it may very well be my favourite track off 1989, but Taylor Swift's copyright issues are a bitch, she hasn't released Clean as a single, so there is none of it on Youtube.

Therefore I am linking the track via my Dropbox, you are welcome to download it from here, and should you be inclined to hear the entire 1989 album (including her bonus tracks/voice notes), ask me and I would be glad to link you to that, too.

Three Saturdays ago, Lyssa and I went over to our dad's place to celebrate Raya. Presenting to you, all six of my dad's children, and 5 out of 7 of our siblings (Lyssa and I also have two stepsisters). The little baby was just born in June so last year we had 6 siblings and now Lyssa and I have 7 each, inclusive of each other.

It was a good night catching up, we need to spend more time with the half-brother, who really rather reminds me of Lyssa. It's very strange, when I look at them I feel like they could be almost twins, in some aspects of their character and mannerisms. Also the young ones are just so adorable, I love how they recite the Hari Raya wishes, eeeee wanna pinch their cheeks all the time.

Sometimes I can't believe I have 7 younger siblings. #storyofmylife

The next day, a Sunday, my best friends from poly came over for "Raya". Tim, his girlfriend Yuriko, Pearlyn and Andrea came over (Cuifen and Kelsen couldn't make it) and we had roti tirai, which I think Pearl and Yuriko were having for the first time, and they liked it, yay.

We then lazed in the living room watching my DVD of The Prestige. I liked the... manner of watching a somewhat complex movie while lepaking there, it's like we could have our questions discussed and answered aloud without disturbing anyone, and I learned something new that I hadn't noticed from previous viewings.

I forgot to take photos so we'll have to meet up again soon for those, hehe! ;)

So two weekends ago, it was the long SG50 National Day celebration, and my family being the patriotic citizens that we are *coughcough*, we headed over to Malaysia.

While planning for the trip, I'd already told my Mum that I'd engaged a photographer for a photoshoot for us, because I didn't wanna just shop the entire time, as it wouldn't have been any different from spending time in Singapore. The family didn't prepare for it, though, they were bashful/reluctant/lazy etc, so I ended up doing it myself.

The photographer suggested holding the shoot at the Perdana Botanic Gardens, the national gardens of KL, so my family drove there.

What the heck is Jiejie doing, lololol. Looks like some martial arts move.

My parents, who can never decide whether they're old or young.

Apparently while I was off at my shoot, they were having their own mini photoshoot, which??? makes no sense??? We should all have gone for the professional shoot together???

So anyway, the photos of my shoot are as follows. You will see the magic of editing, because you can compare how I looked in the professional shoot, against the shots from my own camera afterwards. Everything on the internet is a lie.

It was really super fun, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly, climbing on trees and being told to do "modelly" poses. The only thing I regret is that my hair looked so damaged in some of them, mehhhh. He actually took many more but I didn't like how my hair/I looked so I'm not uploading them.

After my shoot, I joined my family and we went to the petting zoo (the entire garden compounds are free to enter) within the park.

Le stepdad was so happy he got to hold ducklings in his hand.

This horse almost kicked me then tried to attack me with his head. I was trying to maintain my composure but my mum shrieked on my behalf from quite far off, and my sister Arina just laughed it off. -.-

This one was much nicer. HAHAH but see, now I look just like regular old me.

Swings are my favourite part of any playground. I WANT A SWING IN MY HOUSE. Also: now I really look like the regular, demented, unglam me. Yup all those "high-fashion" shots above, it's all editing.

In any case, my family enjoyed our visit to the Gardens and it was a much more diverse, enriching experience than if we'd just headed to the shopping malls for the day. Y'all should check it out if you wanna spend time in KL: also the photographer I engaged was very patient and encouraging, he's @khairizawawi on Instagram if you're interested! :)

After that, we headed to Berjaya Times Square for the indoor theme park.

Not sure how and why I made a duck face (pursed lips) while on a rollercoaster.

I loved that experience with my sisters, but I think... I might be outgrowing my theme park/thrill rides phase??? I got so scared so easily, and the next day I was sore and aching in my bones and bruising from being thrown around and hitting the safety harnesses, etc.

None of my sisters felt it. I. AM. GETTING. OLD. Oh my tian. My expiry date for thrill rides is fast approaching. I need to go for the shark cage in South Africa before I further lose my guts!!!!

The family drove over to Pavilion just so I could get my 1989 Keds. My family is the best and adorable and amazing and the only family I could ever have wanted, thank you fam, and thank you God, for this lot!

Last Saturday was I am...'s 2nd anniversary, as well as G's 30th birthday, as well as Jaella's 1st birthday celebration. Most of us at work were busy running around preparing the party decorations, or babysitting kids or making drinks to order.

I spent a bit of time being the barback for Yazid's smoothie booth. It was funny seeing him ngomel (sort of whine) about making "bubble tea orders" but I think I admire Yazid's work ethics. He brought his younger son Rafael to work this week, SO FREAKING ADORABLE.


These are my colleagues/overgrown kids. ;P

Princess Jaella Belle!!!!!!! SO CUTE FOR WHAT.

I sometimes think I really do regard these people as my family, how I hope for only happiness and safety and blessings and all things good for them. They treat me as family, so they've become mine, too.

There was a piñata. I'd never seen a piñata in real life, so I'm thinking Jaella will grow up to be quite, quite privileged. ;)

The following is how I really look, without editing and nice clothes and makeup. See I'm just boring old me. ;'(

I love Jaella so much! She's so smart and cute and curious and her laughter and smile bring joy to the world and I am rambling shut up Sarah.

This is Nadia. She's allergic to nuts and shellfish and eggs and a lot of other things and I felt bad for her, but she's very, very intelligent and so eloquent. I could listen to her talk about everything all day, she's so brilliant.

Cute, pinchable cheeks of Kad Nad's/Abang Salleh's daughters. They're so cheeky and they used my camera half the night to take photos, and I liked that they were learning and trying.

This photo of their mum taken by one of the daughters.

Nora and Siti are practically my big sisters. I'm gonna miss them, they're so cute. I can't, everybody is so cute to me. Why are they so cute this cannot be.

One of Kak Nad's/Salle's daughters had a mini-crush or something, on our new designer Naz. She kept snapping him, and then pretending that she was taking something else and that he was in the way. AHAHAH SO KIUK. He and I were trying to teach her to focus by listening to the sound and looking for the automatic red dot.

This is me tired out from the day of babysitting. I love kids, but how do parents do it 24/7 l o l

This guy was really the favourite "abang" of the day, I think Kimi kept calling him handsome. His face got so handsome meh???? Eh Sarah kurang ajar if he looked at my face and said "her face got pretty meh" aku dah mengamuk dah.

Hah but also I think I'm subconsciously speaking more Malay because when Naz first started working, he said I sound awkward speaking Malay and that I should stop, so obviously I perversely want to speak more Malay.

Diam lah I can speak Malay and no one can stop me.


CT on the 'cycle. All the photos not I take one, it's the kids' shots. Not bad ah the composition! For a kid's first time with a heavy, chunky DSLR. Really not bad.

MASIH AH MUKA DIE NI. Ok lah quite handsome. I mean, can tahan la.

On the way home (we both live in Yishun area) he was trying to say some faster way to bounce on the MRT, but it was complete irrelevant nonsense, and he was like "ok tired ah dah ngantuk" lol apeje tired go to sleep don't talk nonsense.

Anyway, it was G's birthday, so I wished him a nice, sweet text because that's pretty much all I'm good at.

He sang Taylor Swift to me (because of course he knows I'm a Taylor Swift stan) on HIS OWN birthday and it made me giggle so much. Oh, G. You are truly one of my best friends. It doesn't matter that I don't even know how you sound.

Last Sunday, the forever foursomes went for Raya. We couldn't even pretend it was last kopek visiting, it was no longer Syawal, we were that basi! HAHAHAHA. Nehmind la we first kopek for next year.

A story of the above: we were distracted by Robyn's Dancing on My Own music video on TV while my self-timed camera was taking photos, that we decided to just emulate her dance moves trololol.

Tiqs has the GoPro Hero4 and it's so wide-angle! The camera had to be literally right in front of our faces and still it would capture all four of us. Cooooool or whaaaaaat. Now I'm tempted to get a GoPro again for my travels, although I still don't know what I'd use it for.

I was only thinking of using it for the shark cage experience but apparently they don't allow our own cameras as they wanna peddle their own footage of it??? So IDK??? GoPro or don't Go????

We played Heads Up at my place and filmed the entire thing on the GoPro.

Heads Up/Charades was so fun, it's really one of those games where it becomes so much easier and hilarious when you've shared many life experiences with one another that descriptions would probably make no sense to outsiders.

I love my girls so much. Thank you for going through our lives together.

They were trying to catch the "golden hour" at Sha's place, but I think we totally didn't make good use of it, lol.

We started watching If I Stay on Mio demand TV, at Sha's house. We continued at Atiqah's. Apparently all three of them have Mio and the movies on demand are such good titles, I think it's time to psycho my family into getting it too!!!!

I know I'm barely home and I haven't watched TV for ages but ignore Fight Club! Buy all the things that you don't use! Consumerism ftw!!!!

No but anyway we found If I Stay draggy and rather pointless, until the twist that Sakinah half-spoilt for us, and then we got to discussing certain life (quite literally) principles, like which choice each of us would have made if faced with such a decision. Hmmmm...

Thank you, girls. Alhamdulillah for the best girls. :)

At the end of the last week, I received the photos from Khairi (it feels strange to know another Khairi apart from the one I dated, lol) and so I uploaded them and put in a lot of thought into the captions, trying to make them as snarky as possible.

And then I went to ask G about them.

I am the most insecure cat in the world and I have no idea how G has managed to tolerate my nonsense and give me assurances all the time, for an entire year. "You are beautiful as always!" ----I'm not beaming in my heart YOU ARE.

Also: just for posterity's sake, he Googled Taylor Swift's favourite number just to find out mine. To be honest, I've told him before that it was 28, but he's old and doesn't pay attention so yeah he Googled to find out. Still adorbz to me, though.

My besties were also being very sweet. BESTIES ARE DA BEST.

For the past three days, Guillaume and I were in a sort of argument/not talking, because i) he didn't reply and then when he replied a long time later, he said he was with a friend, instead of telling me when he was meeting the friend, and ii) he said women look better with long hair, when I told him I was gonna cut mine short (cardinal sin to a feminist like myself).

So I exploded and ranted at him in text.

He replied after 48 hours of thinking on it AHAHAHAH:

We've argued a few times over the past year, about whether men or women were more inclined to cheat, about Asian versus Western food, about generally accepted beauty standards etc. Over the past two months, I think I've become even more passive-aggressive towards him because of what happened to me in Singapore.

I have to stop it, man. Guillaume is not equal to Daniel Grayson. Guillaume is making plans for me to stay over at his place when I'm in Paris. Guillaume tells me about his family. Guillaume has been talking to me for a year and I know where he lives and works and it makes no sense for him to hide a girlfriend for this long.

G is one of my best friends. I have to chill the fuck out.

Speaking of Daniel Grayson: I went for a sushi dinner with Min, Izzat, Farah, Noran, Dash and Dash's girlfriend on Wednesday. Dash lived his dream of cutting off someone's long ponytail; mine, of course. I had been planning to chop off my hair to.... start anew so I allowed Dash to snip off my ponytail.

I don't have the photos of the sushi night but we'll probably go out again sometime and take photos. I miss Dash but Naz has been quite the partner in crime, he's a bit of a troll as well (though not Dash's level) and I'm sure we'll get along just fine.

Today Naz was rummaging through my bag just because he was at my desk looking at work stuff on my laptop. I was like ???? is it not common courtesy not to look through a female's bag??? but he just went on, I guess bros will be bros.

My hair went from long to short:

After Dash cut off my ponytail (I was supposed to be unaware of it, he's editing it now and intends to make it a viral video -.-) I turned around to them and said "now there is less of me that Daniel Grayson has touched!" and all of them gave me uncomfortable expressions, ahahahahahaha.

I am no longer tainted. Granted, it will take 7 years before I become somebody you have never touched, but I feel clean.

Thank you, everyone.