Monday, March 30, 2015


(music: How Long Will I Love You - Ellie Goulding)

How Long Will I Love You is on the About Time soundtrack, a movie which Han and I loved and is one of our favourites. I wanna get the DVD! I love adding to my DVD collection, and am so excited for the Friends complete series to arrive. #nolifegirl

The good: this is a photo-heavy post. :)
The better: I don't exactly appear in a majority of the photos, or at least it's not just my face. :)

Wednesday was a great day at work. Mainly because there was a food-tasting session and food makes all things good. We've got a selection of things that will be added on to the & why... menu and I really am stoked for this, the food is so goooood. Here's a teaser, hehehe:

It was really delicious, I would honestly keep returning to this cafe to eat all the mains once they're launched. Thank goodness I work for them, HEHHEHHEH x

After the session, Farah and I took photos in a supermarket trolley because I wanted to. I've always wanted to.

My bangs were getting long and lopsided, I got it fixed yesterday.

Lemme know if you know of anywhere that sells cheap knee-length shorts, please and thanks xxxx

Cutesy Farah and...

#thuglyf Farah / #thuglyfarah

She brought me to the mosque (Masjid Sultan, like five minutes away from our cafe) for me to take photos of Maghrib prayers for my article. Even though I didn't pray, the atmosphere was still calming and peaceful for me. Thank you Farah, I love you girl!

After the prayers at the mosque, Farah and I went to get Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt, and there was durian flavour. Farah doesn't eat durian, so she said "ewwww!" and I was eating mine, so I said, "do you know how much love people like me have for durian?? it's like Lee Kuan Yew, you either love it or hate it, no in-between" lol.

I can't exactly share much of the article because I've signed/waived off my rights to National Library/the Memory Project so it belongs to them now, heh. My only hope is that non-Muslims/non-Malays would really learn something about this memory/experience that is rather... exclusive to our community.

I got a few shots, and my editor said she loved them, yay I did something well. \o/

Her name is Cathlin, Cat for short, and her profile pic is a cat because: of course. I don't even know her but I think she's cute already. "I hope Allah doesn't mind" AHAHA isn't she a qtpie??? So funny. :D

On Friday, I met Sha for dinner at Rouse.

Remember the times when I'd just discovered Rouse, and I went like six times in two months or something, 'cos the food was so good??? I remember, lol. Then it was The Lab. I need to find another Halal cafe that has really good food so I can visit and eat the heck out of, besides you know, the ones I work at.

If the following photos are unclear, it is because Rouse sat us at the seats facing the mirrored wall, and the mirror hadn't been cleaned properly meepmeep.

Sha and I coincidentally both wore polka dots/monogram prints!

Self-service all the wayyyyy / Sha had to wipe the table of the previous diners' water puddles and stuff.

Mirror, mirror on the wall... Y my best friend (and the other ones) so gorjasss???

Got camera, will take photosssssssssss.

We had one of their new mains, the steak with salsa fries. I didn't like it. They didn't ask about the doneness of the steak so I suppose it's a standard doneness and it was too cooked/dry/tough for me. Sha didn't like it either. The ratio of fats to meat was also high.

We ordered one of their veteran mains, the Crabby Patty. That was still rather nice.

After dinner, Sha and I went to Dhoby Ghaut to watch The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I feel it wasn't as good as the first one, but we both still enjoyed it. Adequately funny, sweet and poignant. The movie ended at midnight and we still had trains home because of the 24-hour services for citizens paying their respects to Lee Kuan Yew's lying-in-state.

On the way home, the train was still packed but for the first time, we didn't feel the need to complain. Both the train services headed towards town/CBD and back from town/CBD were still packed even at midnight, but most people were decked in black.

It was genuinely heartwarming to see and to have known of so many people willing to queue for so many hours, at such strange times of the day, tiring themselves out to pay respects to Mr Lee. Some detractors would quote him as having said he would rather be feared than be loved, and use it against him.

I say, though, that even if Mr Lee preferred being feared to being loved, to gain the logical vote, and not the sympathy of the popular vote, his people, the Singaporean people still love/d him for the person he was.

We love the man who loved his wife dearly and unreservedly, we love the man who toiled hard for Singapore to prosper yet chose to remain in his very humble, no-frills home, we love the man who was fiercely proud of his nation when talking about it to other world leaders.

It's simple to see that his citizens love him, because people don't pay respects to a dead person out of fear, they do it out of love. It makes me proud, to know that even as a nation of grumblers and "cold/unfeeling" citizens, a majority have chosen to love the good that they see, despite being aware that there are cracks and flaws in the system.

People say that the Thais are very loyal to their King, and I finally see, our people might not be so different after all.

You know, I think it's funny when there are some dissenters who are determined to "enlighten" the rest of us on what they think we miss out on. Ohoh, you think I don't have as much knowledge as you as to what goes on in our country? Well o-kay then!

They just refuse to let it be that there are that many of us who love/support/respect/thank the man. It's not that we don't see the negative, it's just that when you love someone or something, you never do so objectively because love isn't objective.

Love is knowing all the bad and all the crap that happens, and then realising it's the positive things that matter and everything else is noise. In the end, we're simply grateful that Mr Lee gave as much as he gave to Singapore. And I love it. I love love, and people who choose love. Thank you all for being lovers and not haterzzzzz.


Yesterday my uncle (mum's youngest brother) Cik Sang got married!

At noon, before my family left for the wedding, I went to Ion to get my bangs trimmed. I think since I got my bangs first cut, I've been there five times for a trim (and for hairstyling yesterday) and I've never had to have my wallet with me, no need for a single cent! I love Next at Ion.

While I was there, my stepdad texted me...

His trash-typing fooled me into thinking it was Lyssa typing (my family does this thing where everybody uses everybody else's phone, it's what families do, right???). Lyssa's trash-typing goes above and beyond anyone else's, sometimes I feel insulted for her own brain, like why dik why.

Apparently by the time I got back home, one of my sisters had already shed some tears because (being completely sexist towards women here but...) it's what happens when you have five females and one male in one household. Before any big family occasion, tensions run high, people are sensitive, someone will cry and yesterday it wasn't me.

7000 in cold hard cash yo.

I think a considerable number of people know I don't really want a wedding. I don't like doing things for the mere sake of tradition, like who said I had to spend money to get married in front of people??? But also maybe I think the idea of weddings scares me, like it's a waste if the marriage fails. :/ #divorcedparentsissues

I've said many times on this blog, my idea of a dream wedding is eloping/one where we both wear hoodies and sneakers. IDK. My friends/family think I'll have a grand wedding, tho. It's either go hard or go home. If my husband agrees to hoodies and sneakers, then it's a match made in heaven.

Y MUZ HAV DRESS ALL, WHO SAY ONE???? They all in their graves already, does it matter anymore.

Can we pls consider the fact that my uncle, the groom, forgot his IC, and we live in Yishun and the wedding was at Teban Gardens, the West until cannot West anymore already. Oh, this family.

From here on in, my camera was not in my hands most of the time, so if it's a nice photo, credit is not mine, and if it's a bad photo, neither does the blame lie with me. ;P

At the start of the reception, while we were having lunch, Hazwani and I were seated far apart and we had to text each other about the songs, all the romantic tearjerkers eg. Christina Perri's A Thousand Years, Marry You by Train, etc.

When we finally got to sit next to each other (while having desserts), we talked about Lee Kuan Yew because earlier in the week, we had texted a little about the topic. 1.5 minutes joke and 30 seconds for "uhhh" lolll

The nervous groom (with no IC, as yet)...

:) :) :) I love my family!!!!!!

:) :) :) And my own family unit!

How many pelamins will the both of us sit on together before our own? Our aunts already have a wager, ahahaha. I think so far, we've done this at Kak Ina's and now Cik Sang's... I'll keep count.

Whilst the just-wedded couple went up for an outfit change, a few of us went to a pretty, bare fieldish area near the multi-purpose hall. Hazwani and I started pretending we were doing a photoshoot.

Little Purple Riding Hood.

You can take the Izwan to the great outdoors, but you cannot take the technology away from the Izwan.

I looooved the skirt portion of my dress.

Twirling around tryna get maximum effect from our skirts.

We didn't get even a single successful jump shot but we got this of sticking our bums out before jumping HAHA.

I'm not sure if Hazwani is overdoing it or I'm really that funny. ;P ;P

I loved this shot above so much I tried to clear Arina away. She was prancing around right behind me. You can see my shoddy job because I honestly do not know how to edit photos.

This "photoshoot" of sorts just makes me feel even more excited about my birthday idea. Lyssa knows about it, so please liaise with her lolol. I kinda (actually I really do) want a picnic party for my 25th, with all my nearest and dearest loved ones, for maybe the last birthday party in my life.

The only other time I've had an actual party was when I was a single-digit age, I think, and Mum let me wear this really pretty (at the time, it was my favourite) white and pink criss-cross dress. I think there are actual hard-copy photos of myself and my cousins back then.

Will someone help me plan a 25th pretty picnic party? I don't want gifts, I just want to celebrate with all my favourite people at the same time! Oh but we need to settle a date so I can take leave if it's on a weekend, ahahahah kental.


Tasya has really nice hair!!!!!!! /flip hurr dont curr

Fakest fake conversation everrrrr.

If you think the group shots above are nice/well-taken, it's because they were taken by the actual wedding/event photographers AHAHAHA tak tau malu! Aqilah asked them to help us 'cos they were just off to the side smoking anyway, might as well entertain them, right. :P

I removed my heels before Haz and I had our well-wishes filmed for the couple.

Haz is still in her wedges while I'm barefoot. Sometimes I love being tall. (Not when I'm in the train and my head keeps hitting the overhanging handles, though. You win some, you walk into some.)

The hairstylist at Next had actually helped me to put my hair into a messy, loose bun, but it came undone so this was what's left of it.

I give you one guess to what I'm doing.

Earlier while we were having lunch and Lyssa hadn't left to meet her friend, I was gonna show her an Instagram post but I tilted my phone screen at an angle away from her view to change something. Lyssa asked "what are you doing? you tryna hide your stalking Khairi from me? no need la, Kak."

Then I said, "no I'm not!" but she was obviously right. Anybody off the streets can read me, Lyssa can practically read my mind. No but dyou know how pathetic I am.

You know my personal account is blocked from his, and it Just So Happens that I Just So Happen to have access to other social media accounts, so whenever I Just So Happen to be using those accounts, I view his. Hahahaha so kesian right??? Pathetic level: #sarahmeilyana

It's public domain whaaaaat, I want to see, cannot meh? It's basically the same reason he gives for reading my blog. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You know how often I stalk follow him, though. I actually saw a photo he'd taken of the Esplanade/the general CBD area that I suppose was a tribute to Lee Kuan Yew, 'cos his caption was Thank You.

He deleted it within half an hour, I don't know why, although I would reckon a guess it might be due to poor response, IDK! Or maybe he's really testing to see how much I stalk him. I don't know, he's strange. So am I.

I'm still really happy that he's also a supporter of Lee Kuan Yew, though.

I like that he appreciates what's been done for Singapore. Once upon a time, Khairi told me that he liked something I said because he feels appreciated. Man, isn't that a really easy criteria to please someone, just make them feel appreciated??? I could do that all the time (I already do, lolol).

On the flipside, he said I'm really difficult to please. It's kinda true, although I disagree with the extent. I was disappointed that he didn't know where a movie quote was from, but it was from (500) Days of Summer, which he'd told me was his favourite movie too! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

He couldn't place the quote, then he said "I'm just a normal guy, Sarah" I think maybe I placed him on a pedestal and he had to constantly live up to my expectations, it must have been tiring. I do tend to do that ah? I'm so strange.

I can't help the online creepiness, for now, he still feels like home. I don't know if this makes sense to anyone, maybe it doesn't because love doesn't make sense. We used to share our daily lives with each other, our ideas and sometimes I just like to know what he's doing and feeling at the time.

He would tell me things like him and his idiotic/merepek/mintak-kena-jotos-adorable friends pretending to be gaming in the office just for photos (they weren't even actually playing games, it was Youtube videos, ape maksud sia??). And you know, it feels nice to be home to someone else, too.

Sometimes love can be so selfish. It's funny how we are so fiercely loyal and protective of the things and people we love, we wouldn't let any entity harm them but then we don't realise we're the ones who have a lot of power to singularly be the person who hurts them most. That reminds me of a Bob Marley quote. Never mind.

Normal-Khairi, or regular-Khairi, or whatever-Khairi he is, at the moment he still has all my feeeeeels.

ANYWAY. Back to the wedding. My digressions are srsly out of control.

I loved their outfits, all of them were really gorgeous. The colours, the designs, super nice!!!!!!

There was a silat display for the couple. Even if I ever have a wedding, this would not happen, I'm pretty sure. I don't understand the point of half the things that happen at wedding receptions???

Eva rubbing Kak Ina's baby bump, hehehe.

Eva is so mentel. You know whenever my family members think/talk about Eva being mentel, the follow-up remark is always "sama macam mak dia la!" Hahahaha really, Eva really takes after Kak Long's mentelness, super adorable.

All the cousins with the couple! Welcome to the family, Cik Sri! Then again, she's been part of our family for a long time, hehehe. This is an official welcome, wheee.

She really looks like her mother... Suddenly miss arwah Cik Nor. I'm gonna give Kak Ina an extra tight hug the next time we meet, she'll be a brilliant mum like her own.

Mummy and the trash-typing daddy.

My Lyssa not there so I wasn't invited in the photo either, boohoo. ;P

Once upon a time, Khairi said I look a lot like my mum, he said he saw the photos on my blog. AIYAAAAAAA this kind of thing need him to say meh, it's the truth what, everybody also say. Dah, kan, Sarah dah marah sendiri. HAHAHAH.

Ni... dah apehal? :P

You know what's funny? The deejay kept pronouncing it as Ahmad Shari, I think he had a misspelled version of Cik Sang's name on his form somewhere, and it killed Lyssa's soul to hear it repeatedly inaccurate. I wanted to go up to tell the deejay/emcee guy but Lyssa didn't want me to, IDEK.

Apart from being mentel, she's also manja. Her voice and all. She's really, like honestly, manja like a cat. It could possibly be because Kak Long loves cats?? When I have kids (chey when eh) I'm gonna raise them alongside cats so they will all be manja AHHH SO CUTE.

I like cats. I still have a prerogative to like cats. Ok move along.

I wanted to take a photo of the Polaroid we'd taken together but she kept clapping her hand on it just as I click the shutter so I wouldn't be able to get it. SO MENTEL, THIS ONE. *give her kisses*

Our little Confucius boy (I gave Rayyan the nickname because he really looks like a wise old man?!) wasn't there because my dudu cousin Kak Dila (and/or her husband) had unknowingly booked a flight much earlier, for the day of the wedding, to Korea for a holiday. Haiyoooo this family.

Kitty Eva and Aunty Sarah :)

At night, the pelamin looked even more spectacular. We were tired out from the day's events, rambut semua dah berserabai but we still wanted a photo to show how pretty the pelamin was. In fact, everything was simple yet pretty and tastefully done, I really liked this wedding reception.

The food was quite good, too, but I didn't take a photo because it was buffet-style and buffets are meant to be eaten without being photographed.

This reminds me of the good ol days (chey Sarah can you not step tua you not even 25) when Faiz, Kak Ina, Kak Dila, and the few of us would have some Kueh Tart Connoisseur session-thing during Hari Raya visits.

This was right after Cik Anan and my mum pretended to Cik Mas that the stalk off some grapes, was a lizard and placed it in front her, she shrieked at the wedding reception HAHAHAH this family. #myfamilyah

Hehehe still pretty. ;)

EPPPPP, korang not Halal yet ah!!!! ;)

Ni macam.... Halo. MOVE ON, MOVING ON.

hit me like a ray of sun / burning through my darkest night
you're the only one that I want / think I'm addicted to your light

I would make a dirty joke but it would be way out of proportion.

While the couple were upstairs for their final outfit change, my aunts told me to request a song to be played when they came back down. They said "Na, you berani right? you go and request song" It's so strange, I mean, why dyou need courage to request a song. Not like you have to sing it. -.- Sometimes Melayu punya malu/beralas really doesn't make sense to me.

They asked to play Selena Gomez's The Heart Wants What It Wants, because it's the couple's favourite, and Cik Sang posted it in dedication to Cik Sri on Facebook. It's like the song says, they're a modern-day fairytale, and they've been through some tumultuous times (relationships, sure have one la).

It's so cute, how his sisters remember such things for/about them.

I think Cik Sri is wearing heels. It doesn't make much difference 'cos Cik Sang is 186cm, lololol. My mother is 176cm. Most of my family are #giants, wheeeee.

Congratulations to the happy couple. What's past is past. I really hope for the two of you to last through the years till old age, and be blessed with happiness and peace and kids and other rahmat from God. :) Love y'all!

Near the end, around the time they were gonna make their speeches, first, they played Ed Sheeran.

Secondly, I cried during Kak Dila's and Kak Ina's wedding speeches (I cry at everything la, please, errthang it doesn't even make sense anymore!!!!) so this time, both Kak Ina and Hazwani told me to hold my tears.

They don't know Nyai's motto meh??? Jangan tegur, kalau tak, makin nangis! (Don't mention the tears, it just sets off more tears.)

My tear ducts are hopeless, I think there's something wrong with them leh, srsly.

I didn't look at Nyai, though, was she crying??? She also cengeng, and this is her youngest son's wedding. Dayum, did anyone have a glimpse of her reaction??

Anyway, after work today, I came home to a bowl of Lao Ban, yay. :)

Then my grandma, sister Aqilah, and Mummy agreed to pose for a final photo for my article.

They're not even facing the qiblat in the photo, it really is just for show, lolol. Three generations in one prayer, though, I quite like this photo. My family is the best . Last night, Lyssa, Aqilah and I had the most hysterical dramatic joke about pocong and being kicked by Nyai, it was so merepek.

Thank you, I love y'all so much!!!!

All other photos on Facebook. Have a lovely week ahead, y'all. Remember not to fall for any April Fool's jokes, hehehehe. ;P