Tuesday, September 16, 2014


(music: Pills N Potions - Nicki Minaj)

they see you doing good
now it's kinda hard to diss you

I really like this song. I like when people like Nicki and Ke$ha have songs like this that, for four minutes, showcase deep lyrics and for all the sorrow in its words and melody, still has a clarity of the artiste's meaning. It gets stuck in my head for way longer than their supposed club tracks.

Last weekend, we stayed a night at our JB house before moving further up the North-South highway in Malaysia to Melaka (I never know how to spell the places: the Malay way? English? Malaysian way?)

We drove up for hours, and Lyssa, Aqilah and I bunked in Cik Sang's/Cik Sri's car, so although we got drowsy and tired from the heat, it was fun being entertained by their roadtrip karaoke session.

When we reached Melaka, some of my family members went to shop, some went to have a look-see at the wedding preparation and Hazwani, Izat, Fadli and I stayed at the house to play bridge (I am such a bridge proselytiser), also taking turns to freak out at wasps-fly-thingies that kept harassing us.

After about two hours of bridge (which I usually unfairly won, considering I have about ten years of experience compared to the newbies), we went out to chillax (guess what this means, in Malay terms ;P).

This was a pregnant cat who was so manja/affectionate with only the male members of our family.

I sat on the floor and pretended to ask Nenek (Grandma) Haz how life was in the past. ;P

Fadli was tickling the cat in an area of its abdomen and saying that that was a cat's "secret spot" which made it spasm with its tongue, or something... So now Fadli is good with pussies...

Ok Sarah Can U NOT, this is your little boy cousin. ;P

McD's Double Cheeseburger is called Burger Keju Berganda in Malay.

This made me realise, after multiple times of watching the Royale scene of Pulp Fiction, that it's not even true. Singapore uses the metric system but we also still have the Quarter Pounder.

I am soooo fast on the uptake! #noshitsherlock #goodjobself #sarahcasm

The next day, we took family photos before heading for the wedding.

The above two people volunteered to be "test shot subjects", while I was still setting up my camera.

Keluarga Wak Wok di Melaka!

The in-thing now... Monopod selfies....

Mummy and Daddy.

Wak Misah and Wak Edi are so cute!!!

The new RF Family (Rafi/Fadhilah/Rayyan Fikri). Poor baby Rayyan was hidden in all the family photos because he was breastfeeding. His parents would likely say their cuteness would suffice to make up for him. Eeeeee.

I wanted to take a frontal shot but there was an old man at the window. Can you see him?

Someone said Hazwani was like Little Red Riding Hood, and she really was!

The above showcases kampung life and also my mum's lack of photo-taking skillz.

It had rained heavily in the morning so the ground was wet and muddy, but the atmosphere was still super warm. It was such a nice experience to see the open buffet, where everyone in the kampung/village is invited to eat. It might not be a luxurious affair, but you can feel the love and happiness.

Sometimes, it's really nice to see how other communities practise their traditions so you stop taking yours for granted. There is so much more to life than money and so-called class.

The food was so simple but very delicious, nonetheless.

Daddy's girl.

Modified cars on display. Super cute.

The deejay asked a question (who is the newest Madrid player from Germany?) and my family members were all saying it to themselves but nobody was answering the question to the deejay so I went and told him the answer.

He was kinda busy although he said it was the right answer so Lyssa and I went off, but then he called me back to collect my prize, and he called me "awek cun" (pretty girl LOLOLOL) feminism has a long way to go.

You would think, given that I just answered a question that nobody else at the wedding even bothered to answer, he could have called me "smart girl" instead, but noooooo. Then again, it's not like I was actually smart, I just took the answer from Izat, LOLOL feminism fail.

We got biscuits and chocolates and whatnot.

Rayyan Fikri says: "Hey whatchu lookin at huh? Ahbish!" (translated into Mandarin/Malay for his mixed-blood parentage)

We went into one of the neighbours' houses, and were surprised by how educational their shows were. They had "tuition" programmes for Malay, English and Math. O.O Malaysia what you doing??? Are y'all turning into Singapore?!?! Don't stress yourself out, yawww. Must maintain your chillax mood.

???????? I see "daif" in the first line, don't understand what it means, give up on reading the rest.

Who the heck kuasa to read the whole thing, hello this is the age of TV and Twitter? #wheregottime

The sun veh hot. Eyes all small.

Shoes shot. I like these shoes a lot. I like all my shoes a lot.

The kampung atmosphere.... relek only... Can you imagine me saying this entire post in Minah/Malay accent? Sometimes people make fun of my Minah accent, do I really sound very Malay all the time??? I always used to think I sounded quite.... Englishy. ;(

Malaysia boleh...

Feminism in another form.

After the wedding, we had dinner at Singgah Selalu (very near Singapore already). Cik Sri's car ran out of petrol after driving from Melaka to JB so... they pushed it a bit.

What is this? Malukan masyarakat Singapore je. If I can say that in French, I've got it made. I cannot do so just yet. :P

I had salted egg yolk crab. The crab flesh was nice but a bit too dry. I like the Simpang Bedok one which has salted egg yolk gravy. Oh crabs. Y'all are such good food.

It was a very nice weekend spent with my family. I loved interacting in close proximity with all my aunts and uncles and cousins. It was reminiscent of childhood times. :) Love them very much.

Yesterday, I met Huda and we went to The Cat Cafe, at Bugis Village (right above Burger King). I still have three other cat cafes in Singapore to go to! I aim to go a new one on every alternate Monday! Who wants to book me for two Mondays from now? ;)

The cat above has a Louis Litt face, does it not???? I tried to tell Huda but she's not convinced??? Can anyone else please attest to this!!!!!!

"apa kau nak"

The lounging black cat reminds me of G. He loves to sleep. He's so lazy. (Not exactly true: he's actually very ambitious in his career, but apart from that he just sleeps, the poor man. He also feels very old because he keeps feeling tired and sleepy. He's 29.)

Hobbes/Gaga cat.

Huda: "why??? I kennot!!!! why do they not even get it??? how can they not know???"

...perplexed at how some people just don't know how rude they are re: blackface comments

We saw a fat furry black cat which was so gigantic it was more like a BEAR. Its real name is Espresso but we called it Bear Cat.

LOOK AT THE BEARCAT PLAYING DEAD. How can anyone not like cats???? /DEAD

Bear Cat now thinks it's a human and is sitting like one. What to do with Confused Cat???

I'm so glad G likes cats. He says he wants to keep one when he lives in a house with a garden. I'm so sorry to keep bringing him up. #sorrynotsorry

This one had pretty blue eyes.

The other one (human) has dark brown eyes, so boring. ;P

There was one in a box (there were a few with the same colours/patterns so we're not sure what its name was) which was inside for the first hour we were there. It was so timid and scared, but Huda and I tried our darndest to coax it out.

It even got to a point where a few other people in the cafe had also gotten interested and were waiting for the cat to come out to us....

SUCCESS!!!! After this, it went around the cafe very excitedly, Huda and I worried that it might have been solitary because it's a loner psychopath cat. What had we done?!?! :P

After The Cat Cafe ($15 for entrance, no time limit, you can buy drinks, light snacks and pies, cat food to feed them, etc versus Meomi's $13 per first hour, also top-up basis for drinks -- will do a chart comparison for all 5 cafes once I've visited them all?!), Huda and I went to Fika for lunch/dinner!

Huda's standard face. Y U gotta be so rude HUH.

Will never understand why this girl is single! Dear guys of the world, she's single! She's really smart, really nice, really funny, really talented, really really!!! Also needless to say, really pretty!!! She makes me so happy!

Huda had the roast beef sandwich. She says Rouse's is better. (I haven't returned there with Pamela, we shall do so soon!)

I had the meatballs with lingonberry sauce. Yums.

After our meal, we went to watch The 100-Foot Journey which is about an Indian family setting up a restaurant in France. Everything from the landscapes to the cuisines reminded me of G, and Huda kept whispering "you need to go there!"


Speaking of G.... He's sick at the moment. I've been giving him all the advice I dispense to pretty much everyone all the time. Drink warm water (he thinks this is strange because in France they only drink cold water -- I don't understand why they do this, isn't it cold enough??), don't drink caffeine, etc.

He is so manja when he's sick. Goondu.

But also.... While telling him that I don't take medicine so my immune system relies on itself to get better... I also told him I don't smoke.

I finally found out that he doesn't smoke! See, my intuition was right! A man who trains and goes to London for triathlons and gyms quite often, kinda treats his body like a temple so he probably wouldn't be a smoker.

And I was smooth in finding out too? HAHAHAH. Or maybe not. IDK. Ergh what is this long-distance thing. It takes three times longer to find out anything than it does in a real-life, real-time relationship.

This morning, when he woke up (2.30pm here is 8.30am there) he demanded a warm tea, because he knows I work in a cafe. What the fuck is this? We're not even a couple yet and he's so bossy! Silly man. What a male chauvinist.

I keep thinking back to the fact that when I first got to know him, he actually had a free day here and he was texting me a photo of himself at the Merlion and I was at work. We were actually quite close distance-wise and it would have been convenient for me to meet him before he flew off to Hong Kong for another business meeting.

I don't know why neither of us suggested it and now that he's sick, I just want to give him a real physical hug but I don't know how that feels. And the first time we might know how it feels would be a tentative eight months from now!!!!!!

Bleagh bleagh bleagh there's a time and place for everything. I think at the very least my mum has no complaints as yet because.... with a man in Paris, 10,000km away, I can't get into any trouble... At least not physically.

Things might change when I finally meet him, though. Harharhar. ONLY KIDDING, MUM. /o\

He's not even my boyfriend so I don't know why we're giving each other hugs and kisses, but then again, even if he were already my boyfriend, technically as a Muslim I shouldn't be giving him hugs and kisses, hehehehe.

Also: although I tend to ramble about G on this blog, I have realised that I feel mostly comfortable talking about him to only Han and Huda. Otherwise, I don't really know what to say because there's really not much to go on about. I'm scared of jinxing it too.

I only blog about it so I have something to look back at and remember even if it unfolds either way, good or bad.