Friday, March 06, 2015


On Monday, I met Atiqah to check out the Peugeot 308 Allure at Peugeot's showroom.

We were thinking of scheduling a test drive so Tiqs/we could really get a feel of the car, but we didn't have enough time before this post was due (Tiqs is always busy, as an aspiring doctor), so we tried to explore it while stationary. :P

One of my favourite features of the car are the lights.

The lights flow into the front-end styling in a manner reminiscent of cat's eyes. I love cats and I love trying to line my eyes like cat-eyes HAHAHA. And also, can we talk about how Peugeot's emblem is a lion, and the car looking like it has cat's eyes is apt level 2189210.

Beyond that, the full LED (light-emitting diode) headlamps on the new Peugeot 308 improve both comfort and safety, by offering excellent night visibility that is nearly as effective as daylight. LED headlamps also use 50% less energy than halogen lights, helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

I really love anything that's even remotely friendly to the environment. I don't like accepting plastic bags from supermarts (I've docked points from people I've dated for this, but that's another story, heh).

It's a keyless drive. You just press the button to start the engine.

...because I can't drive yet ('cos I'm kental like that), Atiqah had to be my "designated driver" and give me her input of the car.

Anyway, Lyssa and I are both on our way to getting our driving licences this year, and she has such a headstart on me. When they go to Malaysia without me, she gets to drive the car for a bit because there's so much space there and Malaysia semua boleh. I'm gonna try and follow them more often so I get my turn at the steering wheel too. ;)

Atiqah says that the panel of meters (speedometer, fuel gauge, etc) is higher up than in her family car, it's almost within her eye-level/peripheral vision, which is more convenient and comfortable. In the 308, she doesn't really have to look down or take her eyes off the road much to look at the respective information she needs.

There's a touchscreen panel which I fiddled with to explore the music and navigation systems. Let me just tell you honestly, I am truly, genuinely a dinosaur (not technically/anatomically): technology and I don't click. I'm an old-school girl (this basically just means I'm stubborn and resistant to change).

But this panel was ergonomic, user-friendly and idiotproof enough for me to figure out.

Atiqah liked the parking assist! You just click on the correct manoeuvre, the car calculates the space, and completely takes over the parking for you! This means, if you are bad at parking, drive a 308!!!!

The seats have sort of raised/"folded" panels at the side, so you don't really move around when making sharp turns, etc, so you can "berfeeling-feeling" racer mode. It's really comfortable, though. I didn't wanna leave the car. I think I could get used to driving in it too.

(You know how some people don't like to drive, 'cos they find it a chore or tiring? I think I would love to drive, once I get my licence. I like having control of stuff. :/ I'll probably be a vulgar driver, though. Then again, I'm vulgar all the time, so no difference, hehehe.)

The Peugeot 308 has a smaller steering wheel, so you don't have to move your hands about so much. A smaller turn translates to as much movement on a bigger steering wheel in another car. Its reduced diameter makes it easier to handle and increases driving pleasure (and also looks really cool, in my opinion, hehehe).

The 308 Allure also has a fixed-glass panoramic roof, a new finely-perforated canopy which filters 95% of the exterior light (you can choose to have it covered if it's too sunny, etc).

Tiqs and I thought this would be cool for kids/anyone in the backseats who want to have a view of the skies and clouds and architecture of buildings while the driver is driving.

Another really cool use for this is if you're parking somewhere (safe) and you wanna have a picnic in the comfort and cool air-con of your own car, you could still look up and be treated to a view of the sky. The best of both worlds. :)

I actually, genuinely really like this car, and maybe when I finally get my licence, I get to drive it. :)

For more information, visit the website here.

Thank you Tiqs for doing this with me, love you so much. When I get my licence, I will drive you around and you can finally take a break during Raya, okay? Heheh. ♥ 

Thursday, March 05, 2015


(music: Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding)

On Monday, I accompanied Lyssa to the clinic. She has chickenpox now. None of my family members has ever gotten chickenpox, myself included. I don't seem to have caught it from her as yet though.

The doctor at the private clinic was possibly the funniest doctor ever. He was telling Lyssa to catch up on TV, and he told us about some local supermodel reality TV show, it really reminded me of Atiqah. I must remember to tell Tiqs that she can and should joke with her patients about her favourite TV shows, etc.

Lyssa's medicine came up to $137 (she got some anti-viral thing) lolol it kinda was no wonder the doctor was in such a good mood ergh. -.-

He was really amusing though, he was trying to tell us all the poxes that exist. He said there was donkeypox, elephantpox, and whatever pox, and to convince us, he said he would "Google" them (Lyssa saw his screen, she said he used Bing, not even Google, lolol).

I wouldn't look at his screen, because i) it was angled away from my view ii) I get squeamish at the sight of such things, anyway.

I went to SSDC slightly late because of the extended doctor visit, didn't have time to cycle there. I did my practice test, and finally got 49/50 for the trial test. I booked my BTT, yessa. After my sessions, I went to meet Tiqs for a little engagement of sorts. I can't write about it yet, but you may find out soon.

Met Rhel for dinner at Simpang's Tang Tea House.

Rhel (or as I'm used to calling him, B) says: "I hate ordering food that comes in threes, who's gonna take the third one?" Poor bbsis Lyssa says the third ones were meant for her, she's missed Rhel and wanted to see him too, but chickenpox isolation!!!!!

I finally found my favourite teh halia, it's got so much taste of halia there!

B ordered chicken rice with gizzards and tried to get me to taste some. He says "it's nice! it's chewy and rubbery!" Me: "that sounds like condoms." B: "hmmm. yeah, kinda." HAHAHA.

Shite front-camera photo / don't currrrr

Yesterday morning, my mother informed me that we would be having a family dinner for my grandmother's birthday (sometimes we celebrate on the night itself and sometimes we go on the weekend??) and I realised I wouldn't be able to go for the last self-defence class.

Han said she'd ask the instructor to Skype me during class. Heheheh.

It was also Farah's birthday.

Her fiance (I can't be bothered to type the accented e) baked her a mug cake, alahai the both of them are so sweet. I love that their mannerisms and the things they say remind me of each other, they're so similar it's so adorbz.

At work, I went to & why... to take photos for a feature in a magazine, whose lifespan for one issue is just slightly more than a week. ;)

I can't get enough of the place. I would spend all my time there if I could.

This is the Mademoiselle.

Chey, eksyen bedek. I haven't read an actual newspaper for like, ever.

Gangsters of N.Y.

Zahra my favourite!!!!!!!!!

Then I went back up to the office to reply the magazine's email, so I was wearing my hoodie, and basically looked like the below:

Hazwani told me she was at & why... so I went back down in my hoodie. Apparently the other times I've seen her boyfriend Taufiq, I was "properly dressed" so he almost couldn't recognise me, with my hood up.

He said I looked like I'd just woken up, lol alsocan. I told him I was gonna meet Hazwani again for dinner and by then I wouldn't look like I'd just woken up, 'cos I wouldn't be in my hoodie.

Shite overexposed photo taken with phone, sorry I didn't even try. Guhhh I wish my phone could just take DSLR-quality photos. -.-

Taufiq asked me about my bike, how much it was and whether I can coast with it. He's been cycling for 10 years, mountain bike then road bike now.

I told him about my mum changing my bike to a freewheel and he does say it's safer. He said it's easier to lose control of a fixie if you're cycling fast, and I guess he's right. Maybe that's why I keep getting scratched by my pedals HAHAH BODOH (sombong).

I got a fixed-gear because I want to pedal constantly and get more exercise! This is gonna sound superbly superficial (because it is) but Haikal cycles his fixie to work everyday and his calves are so thin and toned!!! I'm already exercising when I cycle, might as well squeeze as much workout for my legs as I can?!?!

(He doesn't wear a helmet on the roads either, so I'm picking things up from him).

At night, I told my mum that Taufiq said it was safer with a freewheel, and she tried to hold it against me. Then I told her, he also said it'd be damn weird if his mum had changed anything on his bike without prior permission. It's the principle, mum. -.-

Also, Taufiq asked why I'd never cycled to work, according to him Yishun and Bugis are quite near. Wow this one neh give chan one. He's been cycling for ten years leh, I've only had my bike three months. -.-

When I was leaving work for the family dinner, Han texted me again:

AHAHA I get to see him next Tuesday!

Anyway, I made my way to Ang Mo Kio to meet my family. The first thing my youngest sister Meimei said was "you look like you just woke up" so I failed at tryna make myself look fresher. -.-

We are a happy family. :)

Rayyan's parents/grandparents let him watch a video for little kids, of cartoon characters reading verses (ngaji) and he was so gleeful about it.

This one really geram seh!!!!! OMG mintak kena cubit!!!!!

Also: when the video was on, Hazwani was khayal (in a daze) beside me, swaying from side to side like it was a concert. We dragged the joke and pretended to be at a "Halal/Muslim" concert, holding up tasbihs (like... beads to meditate with?) instead of lighters, it was blasphemously hilarious.

Taken with my mum's phone's front camera, shittiest backlit photo ever but don't currrrr 'cos Rayyan's smile SQUEEEEEEEE :3

I think Rayyan and Jaella should meet 'cos they're both happy smiley babies and they're both half-Malay, half-Chinese so they can talk in their mixed languages hehehehe. ;P

The star of the night, Nyai, turned 72, yesterday.

Nyai is SO CUTE let me just list down the quotes of the night.

When we were nearing the end of the meal, Nyai said "eh dahlah jom, diorang nak kemas ke" and my uncle told her "biarkan la diorang kemas." (She asked us to move so that the stall owners could clear the tables. My Nyai is so considerate!)

When we had reached home, I asked Nyai how much she thought we love her, and she said (in Malay, translated for yall) "I don't know, maybe you can say you all love me, but not really inside, and maybe you don't show it, but you actually love me a lot."

So I asked how much she loved us, and she said "seluruh hati" which means with all her heart. D'awwwww NYAI YOU ARE THE BESTEST EVER. ♥

Also Aqilah started crying because of a boy (yep, she is in primary six and so is the boy) and Mum bought Ben & Jerry's ice-cream for Aqilah. Nyai didn't know why Aqilah had cried so she thought "ice cream flavour salah??"

She thought Aqilah cried 'cos Mum bought the wrong flavour and the way Nyai said "flavour" in the Nyai tone, AIYOHH AIGOOOO~

Lastly, she was remembering our late granddad, so she kept tearing intermittently but was tryna keep it to herself. Lyssa said, "Nyai jangan nangis ah." Then Nyai teared even more and said "jangan cakap nangis la! Makin tegur makin nangis!"

Alahai Y U SO QT. :')

Also: if you ever wondered where my overactive tear ducts came from, wonder no more.

There was a sign asking people at Mr Teh Tarik to lower their voices after 10pm. I was making a joke of it pretending to whisper while ordering Milo, and then acting like I was shivering for "ice". Lol I'm such an idiot.

IDK what I was doing, I really am quite goblok though, the self-defence instructor has a point.

See this is the all-day, errday, 24/7 Sarah. This is why I went and spammed the photos of myself on CNY, that is Sarah rarity 129012.

Aqilah. She's the nicest person in the entire world. Poor girl.

25 years (two more months for me, omatian!!!!!) of growing up together. The love/relationship we share is somewhat between bestfriendship and sisterhood and confidant. Now we're braceface buddies!!

Eva was wearing a pink tutu. :)

Today, I was tasked with taking photos of the famous banana pudding inspired by NY's Magnolia Bakery (made famous in Sex & The City).

While they were busy with the presentation of the dessert, I ate another banana on the side because I like to makan pisang... ahahahahaha Sarah Y U SO MEREPEK. No but I really like to eat pisang what. Very nice.

I also ate wheel crackers hehe. :3

After the photos, I got to eat it clearly, hehehe. This one could very well be my favourite dessert ever, betul tak bedek.

Yus saw me sitting by myself in & why... (it's closed on Wednesdays) and he started talking to me about coffee. He's our barista in I am...

We began thinking up of some sci-fi story. Sometimes I really like talking to Yus. I say sometimes because most of the time I'm comfortable listening to my own music and generally not interacting with anyone. I'm such a loner. :/

After work, I headed to TP for our HTM alumni lo hei. I was earlier than my best friends so I sat at the entrance of business school, soaking in my happiness.

I had my laptop out and I was typing my blogpost, it really felt like I was back in school.

Remember when we would book project rooms in the library and keep using Photobooth instead of doing work?? What was life back then?? LIFE WAS AMAZEBALLS.

I was just reminiscing all our habits back then, FIVE YEARS AGO. Maigosh so old liao.

The inverted mushroom, everybody's designated meeting point. The urban myth that stepping on the grass will get you fined $50 by the security guard???

The project tables where students would stay up overnight to deliriously complete their projects/assignments? And the library, where Blob and I would do everything together besides study (by which I mean we watched movies, what are yall thinking huhhhhh).

Temasek Polytechnic was honestly where I spent some of the best times of my life, making some of the best friends ever. I would so do it all over again.

We went to the Temasek Tourism Academy, a new campus specially for tourism students, for the event.

We've grown so much, and yet stayed exactly the same. I'm so grateful for these besties of mine. :3

Mr Pras made a short announcement before we started lo hei. Guize, 5 years on and my schoolgirl crush has remained exactly the same. He turned and just glanced at me, and I blushed so hard, everybody at my table saw and laughed.

Everybody still knows about it?? I was the embarrassing girl who has the hugest crush on Mr Pras. When Ms Goh replied my RSVP to the event, she said "yes la Mr Pras will be there..." HAHAHA.

When will I grow up? Honestly, I think the answer is nevahhhhh.

They printed "lecture notes" for us to follow, and kept saying "students, settle down! keep quiet!" heheheh it made us feel younger for a while. Sighpiez. :')

After the lo hei and a buffet dinner, we broke up into small groups to follow different lecturers and have a tour of TTA.

My besties and I went for Mr Png's group. Mr Png was telling us about the times he's caught students making out and doing even more stuff in very open places.

Apparently this is a viewing gallery for "couple co-curricular activities". Someone remarked that Mr Png keeps catching people doing naughty stuff, and Mr Png said he's on the lookout for such things AHAHAHA.

The lobby was so nice! The students now are really fortunate to have such gorgeous and new facilities.

Also: today I heard the voice of someone I've never talked to before tonight. It's nice to know he knows my name?! I can't say any more, or everybody will know about it the way everybody knows about Mr Pras. Psh.

Mr Png said I was still the same, "with my camera and my pink" and he's exactly the same lame Mr Png too, heh. It was really good to see everybody and feel young again. Mr Png was trying to recall all the people in our batch, and he said "Sarah's friend was all emo, always wearing black" while thinking of Andrea ahahahahahaha whatwhat spot on.

Andrea pangseh us.

While walking around, I was behind Mr Pras and Tim was intentionally pushing me forward so badly I really almost fell into Mr Pras. I do not know how strong my love-hate-love relationship with Tim is, urgh he just won't give me a break. He also set a mission for me to hug Mr Pras by the end of the night, but I forgot about it.

Oh I met Rebecca! She's still as busy as ever! Viv why were you not there??? I wanna see your hair, is it still the same colour as Boa's???

Cuifen said she felt really short in the photo above... so we took another one where gigantic Mr Png bent his knees hehehe.

Not so stark contrast now! ;)

It's been the most brilliant three days. Still got one last busy day tomorrow, I'm ending it in the east again. I'm working night shifts (for the first time in forever) this Friday through Sunday, 'cos the floor doesn't have enough manpower. We were just about to manage, then with two cafes, staffing is an issue again.

Guize. Favour ah. If yall know anybody suitable for a fulltime job at the cafe, please refer them to us. We're all so tired, and I just don't want anyone to burn out.

In any case, I'm still writing that article about my faith (that I don't exactly practise) and I also have something else to write. I need some time to just breathe. Yesterday a relatively new staff was learning to pray from Nasirah, in the office.

I was so inspired, I asked Farah whether she'd be okay to spend some time with me at the mosque on some evenings and she said yes (so has Siti). I don't know, I feel like being in the office and always witnessing some of my colleagues is really instigating me to want to pray.

When they were answering my questions for my article, they did all say that there are too many distractions in life, and it's true. It's just project after project after project, the work never ends and yet it never lasts. It's all so... ephemeral and fleeting.

The one constant they turn to is God, and I want that for myself, too. I feel like if I start learning to pray at I am... then it outweighs any other benefit I may or may not get from working here. Their influence on my spirituality would do me so much better in the longest run.

Of course, I always get these little spurts of enthusiasm but it's really hard to carry out and stick to it. The fact that I spend most of my time at work kind of works to my advantage though, in this sense. The more jaded I feel with work, the more I need a respite, and the more I'd need to turn to God.

I really guess when I have children, I would wanna teach them to pray when they are very young and impressionable. That way, even if they lapse in between, it would be easier for them to recall the things they've learnt at a young age.

It's so hard for me to learn and retain things now. It's difficult for me to remember things I read about driving theory, and that's in a language I'm most comfortable with. English is what I would even say is my first language. Can you imagine me trying to memorise Arabic verses to pray with? It would be so much harder just because I don't understand its meaning. Meh.

Anyway. First my mum, now my dad. I wonder if my bicycle is now an extension of myself that they each want to lay a claim on. -.-

The one thing I like about working afternoon shifts this weekend is that I start at 430pm so I think there will definitely be enough time for me to cycle to work. I just have to be sure of the route to take. I'm looking forward to it. :)

Have a great second half of the week! So much love! ♥