Monday, April 21, 2014


(music: 400 Lux - Lorde)

we're never done with killing time
can I kill it with you?

Two nights ago, Shahida and Hanisah came over to bake a surprise birthday cake for Atiqah. When we were almost done, Sha asked whether the cold water in a jug, in my fridge, was for drinking, and I said "no, it's for watering plants." #sarahcasm

Sha and Han were procrastinating making their way home and Sha said she has always been lazy. I said she couldn't beat me, I was laziest because all I ever did in school was sleep. Sha then said I wasn't lazy, I was a young entrepreneur and reminded me of my sandwich business HAHAHAHA.

I miss my sec 2 class, 2/2. Best class ever. On a daily basis, I would bring a packet of sliced bread and jars of Nutella and/or peanut butter, make customised sandwiches and sell them to my classmates who were too lazy to go down to buy food.

BOOKMINTON THO. Best sport ever. Other kids use books for studying. We use our books to play badminton in class. Man, 2/2 was the best. I miss them.

Anyway. While Han and Sha had gone back to their respective homes and slept by 2am, I Skyped with Tim for a bit. Then I wrote a long-ass letter to Tiqs and made her a happy playlist, because she had told me she couldn't listen to a lot of songs nowadays.

I went to sleep at 5ish. In a few hours of the same day, we all met up and checked into our room at Studio M Hotel, around the Clarke Quay area.

While waiting for our room to be ready, though, we sat at the pool lobby, playing charades with the app on Tiqs' iPad. They were doing the A+ student category, and Atiqah could describe/guess the most absurdly smart/geek/scienciest of things, while the rest of us were clutching at straws.

She remembered what the vena cava is, described it to Shahida who guessed "jugular" which even I could somehow reckon wasn't accurate, lol. And then the word "cosecant" came up, and we began discussing ratios of sine, cosine and tangent, trying to recall the acronyms for each ratio.

I don't understand how my best friends are so pretty and so smart!!!!!!! They have the best of everything?!?!? At most, I would say I'm kinda good at pop culture/movies/books, etc. I don't know shit about science, though, which makes me feel really like an ignorant redneck, erghhhhh.

Also, I think we did movie characters, and we were describing Magneto for Shahida (Professor X's archenemy) and Sha said.... WAIT FOR IT..... Sha said "metal head" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.






Oh Sha.

We got a premier loft, which is a compact but cosy and comfy room, with just a queen bed on the upper level, a couch-turned-pull-out-bed on the lower level, and a working table that we used as a runway (HAHA, you'll see how resourceful we are later).

I like water photos. We're planning to go snorkelling/diving somewhere nearby sometime. I wanna take underwater photos with nice animals! Like turtles. Not like sharks and crocodiles. Ewwww.

Hehehe, all their expressions.

I think I wanna be a swimsuit model.

Gotta work on my face though, lolol.

While Han and I were getting ready for dinner in the room, Sha and Tiqs were supposed to ask for an iron from the reception, but....

They actually sempat go out and take pictures! My besties ah, these ones.

After Han had had her turn with the ironing board, Sha used it to iron her dress, and Sha said the level Han had adjusted it to was for oompa loompas.

How the heck did Han actually iron with the board at that height??? Sha had to kneel! HAHAHA.

(Sha was asking Han how she'd be able to iron at such a low level, Han said "bend down" and I thought "bend over" TSKKKK SARAH!)

While glamming ourselves up for our fancy dinner, Han asked everyone to help her put on her earstuds in her main piercings.

They actually tried getting me to tone down all my suggestive comments at the innuendo that was floating around! They didn't try very hard though, they know me well enough I CAN'T STOP --- my brain just does it instinctively.

Han: "Sarah, shove it in for me!"
Me: "ooh, shove it in?"
Han: "tsktsk, Sarah!"


Me: "which hole is it?"
Han: "the primary hole"

Sha and I: "this is your primary hole???"
Me: "wow that would be really tight!"
Han: "SARAH!!!!!"


In any case, let me now present to you the four most selfie-obsessed ladies you will find on my blog...

The following are examples of how we used the study/worktable as our modelling runway. If Studio M reads this, HI THERE, WE LOVE YOUR FURNITURE.

We're so selfie-obsessed, I was trying to think of a good angle to take our selfies, so I placed my camera on the bed at the top level and tilted it down. The photos turned out a bit cloudy and I was thinking for the longest time that my camera lens was dirty.

My three best friends, all with common sense, told me it was just the slight reflection from the glass panel fixed on the top level to prevent people from simply falling over. ....Righteous. I knew that!

The angle was good, though.

WE ARE SUCH GOOD-LOOKING PEOPLE I won't even try to deny I'm in love with our photos.

After that session of camwhoring, we went to Bella Pasta, literally five-minutes walk away on Robertson Quay, for our dinner.

My pretty bb!

We had calamari for starters. You might think, how good can calamari be? BELLA PASTA GOOD. It really was so good. The batter was crispy and the squid was a just-nice-chewy texture, and the dip was delicious too.

Shahida had pesto pasta.

Atiqah had king prawn pasta.

I had ossobuco con piselli. The dish was so delicious I went to Google its name. It's slow-braised veal shank, and it was really so tender and juicy it melted in our mouths. The sauce was so well-done and tasty too. Shahida liked it as much as I did, I loved feeding her.

Han had lasagna, which she said was underwhelming compared to all our nice dishes. I don't know why I didn't take a photo of Han and her food, though.

We are so pretty I cannot even.

The Italian guy who helped us take a photo (I think he might've been the restaurant's owner) kept calling us beautiful ladies, hehehe.

For dessert, we headed to Laurent Bernard Chocolatier, which I'd recently been to with Pamela, just round the bend.

I had hazelnut ice-cream which was SUPER DELISH too. I have a penchant for choosing the best foods, heh.

They shared a crème brûlée.

Oh Atiqah, you should be a model. You have far too much brains for that, though.

Shahida should be a model too, but she also has far superior brainpower. My bb so pretty!!!!

Also, her pouring tea for my photo reminded me of myself pouring tea while Fiq took photos, when all of us were at Carpenter and Cook. Good memories. Sigh. :(

We returned to the hotel and presented Tiqs with her surprise cake.

Shouldn't she be a model??? Okay no, she has better things to flaunt, like her CRAZY SMARTS.

While I was taking photos of her (and the pink Instax that we had given her, which she loved OF COURSE HEHHHHH), we kept gushing over how pretty she was. Oh Atiqah, I will never get over how perfect you are.

After the candle-blowing (blowing, teehee) session, she made a speech.

While making her speech, she teared so we all had a sad but lovely group hug, and then we all teared, and then one of them said "eh dah macam Hari Raya, semua orang nangis" lolol someone compared it to Hari Raya because we were all crying.

(Crying during Hari Raya is almost standard procedure while asking for forgiveness.)

We made really good use of the Instaxes to take good photos of our good-looking selves. It's not often I'm unabashedly admitting what I have also been blessed with (enhanced quite a lot with makeup, of course) so I'm just gonna milk it tonight.

Okay, we can't pull off everything.


After all that bimbotic, brainless "letmetakeaselfie!" business, we put on facial masks.

Who's scarier, us or Freddy Krueger?

This morning, after having breakfast, we all left for home in a maxi cab... thing.

We look like normal not-so-pretty human beings now, sigh. Back to reality.

Atiqah doing a "Makcik Bedah" HAHAHAH I love my best friends.

After dropping Tiqs and Sha, while the cabby was driving into my carpark, there was a really old man jaywalking across and he was so old and frail the cabby didn't do anything and we didn't say anything either.

Han first said "#likeaboss" and then she said "I can't even ask if it's his grandfather's road, maybe it's his own road" which tickled me like mad HEHEHE.

I'm so thankful that Atiqah enjoyed her day/night with us. I love Atiqah, for which there are many reasons beyond all reasonable doubt, including but not limited to the fact that as my best friend, she gets to see most of my character flaws on display, but she sees past them and she accepts me for who I am.

She and I have another trip to look forward to! I'm going with Tiqs and another best friend (from a different social circle) to meet yet another best friend, somewhere in the world I haven't been to. I'm SO EXCITED. Best friend collisions are the best kind of collisions!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been a long but lovely weekend, and tomorrow is gonna be another looong day, but I think it's gonna be a lovely one too. Thank you, God, for all the love in my life. So much love to all of you! x